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BLU LIMITED is our vision of a niche image collection featuring the works of strictly selected photographers whose photography have been made available for image licensing for a limited period only.

This extraordinary image collection is a continuation of our existing image library, making it our priority to offer creative individuals the opportunity to finally be able to license the images of selective photographers without any hassle.


It's about the uncompromising quest to find the best photography and create an unmatchable image archive.

We believe that great photography should be acknowledged and cherished. 


We are committed to giving the creative society a curated platform where the appreciation of distinct photography outshines the endless clutter, bringing to light your work at its best.



For a limited period of 8 weeks, a strict and industry-focused selection of your work will be made available for licensing via our platform.

No strings attached!

Clients are given supervised access to your images and will finally have the opportunity to effortlessly discover your work.   

After the 8 week period has expired, you are welcome to extend the collaboration with us and continue showcasing your work on our amazing archive. 


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